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Space View

Another unique clock offered by the Cuckoo Clockologist. 

For more information regarding this unusual clock - contact Dan



Space View Space View Space View
Space View

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Space View


The "Space View" clock is a fully assembled, wall mounted long drop regulator.

  • Features of this clock consist of:

  •  A time tested spring driven 8-day movement that strikes on the hour and the half hour.

  •  It is mounted on a hand rubbed oak back-plane.

  • The face is made of clear 8" diameter acrylic plastic with polished edges and bright gold roman numerals beautifully detailed and bordered in black.

  • The time-track is also detailed the same as the numerals.

  • It features an 18" oak pendulum with a polished brass adjustable bob.

  • This beautiful clock has a "rich" tick-tock sound because it utilizes the back-plane for resonance.

  • Construction allows you to actually see the gears in motion as time passes.

  • It is truly a beautiful clock and a great conversation piece.

  • The "Space-View" Sells For $149.00
    Plus $14.95 S&H 

  • Please allow at least 3 weeks for delivery, as these clocks will be "Made To Order!"



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