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Shipping Instructions and Pay for it!!!


  1. Pull the chains to bring the weights to the bottom of the cottage.  Remove weights and pendulum from the clock.  If your clock has a decorative headpiece, remove it and store it with your weights. DO NOT send these items with the clock. Keep them as they are not needed for repair purposes. 
  2. Put the loose end of the chains in a zip lock bag or an ordinary envelope and tape them to the back of the clock.
  3. Put the clock and pendulum into a bubble pack wrap or heavy paper wrap and place them in a box. 
    Make sure the box has at least 6 inches of clearance on all sides to allow for additional packing material.
    HINT:  When you have finished packing your clock, you should feel that it could fall off a table and not get damaged.
  4. If there are numbers on your weights that denote their weight .. eg.320 or 275, record them on your Owner Identification Form.  
  5. If there are no numbers, measure the length with a ruler and enter that information on the form.  Go to the Owner Identification Form, print it out and fill it in.  
  6. You may print the Shipping/Mailing Label and tape to the box.
  7. Provide a description of the problem with your clock on the owners Identification Form.
    If you're not sure how much to insure your clock for, call us. 
  8. If you do not feel you can pack your clock properly, Mail Boxes Etc. provides a low cost, guaranteed packaging service. 
  9. Our turnaround time is 2 - 4 weeks from receipt of your clock.
  10. All clocks will be insured and returned by UPS only.
  11. PLEASE do not include the weights with your clock.  They only add to the shipping and are not needed for repair.  If they shift in the package they can damage the clock.  At the worst they make their way through the container and get lost.  Weights that come with your clock will only add extra cost for handling and shipping that is not other wise figured in the estimate of the repairs. We have weights so it's best that you keep yours safe. 

Thank you. 

--- Dan



1.  Send along with your clock a "Good Faith" check or money order of 50% of the posted repair charges.  Make the check out to "The Cuckoo Clockologist."

2.  After you have received your clock and are happy with it, please send the balance due as detailed on your statement.


  Pay Pal -

Good Faith Payment

1.  Make a "good faith" Internet Deposit of 50% of the posted repair charges by clicking on the "Good Faith Deposit" Payments Pay Pal  BUTTON directly below.

Good Faith Deposit

2.  Then ship your clock to The Cuckoo Clockologist as per instructions. No clock will be inspected without the deposit. 

3.  Dan will contact you via phone or e-mail with the final repair costs and shipping.  Click on the  "Final Payment" Check Out Pay Pal button directly below to  enter the  given amount.

Final Payment Check Out






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