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We are a full service cuckoo clock shop dedicated to quality repair service on all types of cuckoo clocks.  CUCKOO CLOCKS are our ONLY BUSINESS!!! 
Our shop is located in Ankeny, Iowa, just North of Des Moines, Iowa.  All of our work is Guaranteed.
Here's the process:

The following procedures are performed on all clocks. 

  • The clock will be disassembled for repair and cleaning.
  • The case will be "cleaned and dressed" with a quality case oil. 
  • Any missing screws or decorative headpiece brackets will be replaced.
    Your movement will be ultrasonically cleaned and dipped in a brass rinse solution.
    After lubrication, the movement will be installed on a test stand for observation to make sure that it is properly operating.
  • If it is determined that additional parts are required, you will be notified by telephone or e-mail before any additional parts are installed.
  • Please note:
    Upon receipt of your clock, it usually can be determined if additional parts will be required upon initial inspection.  You will be immediately notified.
  • Your clock will be tested for 5 days before re-assembly.  After it is assembled, it will be tested for an additional 2 days to insure it is properly working and keeping time.
    All clocks will be insured and returned by UPS only.
  • PLEASE do not include the weights with your clock.  They only add to the shipping and are not needed for repair.  If they shift in the package they can damage the clock.  At the worst they make their way through the container and get lost.  Weights that come with your clock will only add extra cost for handling and shipping that is not other wise figured in the estimate of the repairs. We have weights so it's best that you keep yours safe. 

 Thank you. 

--- Dan
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