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As of March 2010

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The clocks seen within the website are most likely available for sale.   However, the companies that make the clocks can withdraw them at any time, so you must contact Dan to see if they are still available. 

The Cuckoo Clockologist website is more about Cuckoo Clock Repair than selling clocks, but if you see a clock that you like, we will make every effort to find it for you.  We like new clocks too.  They are fun to own and enjoy.    

Due to the fluctuation of the overseas markets you must contact Dan for prices.  See phone numbers below. 

To pay for your clock you may come back to this page and use Pay Pal to pay for the items quoted.

Please send an e-mail describing the clock/item for which you are paying after having contacted Dan for a quote. 

Then click on the "BUY NOW" Button and inter the quoted price.  Dan will match the e-mail with the payment. 

EMAIL for DAN regarding your New Clock Order. 

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