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Finally, a man named Tom Seaman has written a no nonsense book about the repair and maintenance of today’s cuckoo clock. This book does not talk about the history of the Black Forest region or the history of the Black Forest cuckoo with hand drawn, hard to understand pictures and language.  It concentrates on what is most important, repair, simple adjustments and maintenance of these great clocks.

ItFrom his simple straight forward approach Tom uses in all of his photo details and explanations in this manual, it is evident of the many, many years he has been repairing and servicing cuckoo’s.

It has beautifully detailed photographs of a cuckoo movement during the actual dismantle and assembly of a very common and time tested cuckoo movement.

Tom has also included many common problems that occur with a cuckoo movement, as well as adjustments and procedures to repair it and guess what?, he also details typical problems that occur in a musical clock along with photos and adjustments to correct them.

If you are interested in cuckoo clock repair and service, or a clock owner who wants to repair a keepsake, this is a “MUST HAVE” book for your workshop. It has 136 pages of instructions, crystal clear photographs, and tools you will need to basically make any sick cuckoo, well again.

Also included are web addresses and phone numbers of suppliers you will need for replacement parts, accessories and tools. It is a “shop friendly” book that easily lies open on your work bench to follow each and every step you are interested in.

Send me an E-mail and I'll give you more information on how to get this book.



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