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My First Clock Kit

Hey kids (of all ages), have you ever wondered what makes the clock on your wall work so perfectly? 


Have you ever wanted to open up the back of a clock to see what makes it move? 

If you can put the parts of a clock together so that it will tell perfect time, wouldn't it be exciting to watch your family's amazement when the clock YOU assemble actually tells perfect time.  

Well now here is the opportunity to build your "First Clock".





Perfect For Ages 6 to 16!!  But big kids love this clock too! 

Introducing "My First Clock"  

• It has a see-through plastic face!  

• It has colorful plastic gears!  

• It has a swinging pendulum which "clicks" like all clocks as it keeps perfect time.  

• Instructions for assembly come in English and Spanish.  

• You will be excited and proud when the clock you put together keeps Perfect Time, ringing its bell periodically to let you know it is working and keeping the correct time for you and your family to see.  

• It is a suitable gift for all ages, from 6 years old to adult.


It measures 7-1/2"s across and stands 8-1/2"s high when completed.   Front View
Clock Kit   Clock Kit Back
Back View

with pendulum
and winding key.
Just $24.00 Plus - UPS Shipping only.
Call Dan for pricing.
You may then go to "new clocks" for paying with Pay Pal.
Ph. (515)964-9068  Fax. (515)964-9068
Click the pictures for a better view. 


Folks, I know this is a departure from The Clock Mechanics normal fare, but it was just too much fun to pass up! 

This clock kit is really high quality, nothing like what I have seen in the past. It's fun to put together and it's very easy to assemble!  Many children have this kit unboxed and assembled in just minutes.  (A minute or two of Dad or Grandpa's time might be needed, depending upon the child's age).

What a thrill it is to see the children when their "creation" works so quickly and so very well.  Yes, this clock actually keeps very good time!  And it's just plain fun. I have one on my office desk, and I have to tell you, people can't keep their hands off  it!

We are confident you will love this clock kit or we simply wouldn't handle it!  Enjoy, all of you young clockmakers!

Click here to view or print our easy assembly instructions.  This page will open in a new window for easy viewing. 

Contact Dan for more information. 





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