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Cuckoo Clock Home Coming Instructions


Your baby has been carefully cleaned and adjusted.


Please observe the following rules for proper operation:

  1. Carefully unpack clock, weights and pendulum.

  2. Remove rear door and remove "travel clips" from the bellow tops.

  3. Remove paper from gong on rear door.

  4. Hang clock on wall and be sure it is "plumb and level".

  5. Hang weights.

  6. Unlock cuckoo door(s).

  7. Remove "travel wire" from chains (located directly under clock).

  8. Install pendulum.

  9. Start pendulum swinging.

  10. Set time by turning minute hand clockwise, stopping at the half hour and hour allowing the clock to cuckoo. If your clock has music, wait until the tune is over before continuing. NEVER turn the minute hand counter clockwise. NEVER turn hands without the clock running.

Allow Cuckoo to run for 24 hours.

If pendulum adjustment is necessary use the following instructions:

  • Clock runs slow - move pendulum rose up in very small increments.

  • Clock runs fast - move pendulum rose down in very small increments.

NOTE: Wait 24 hours between each adjustment before adjusting again.


After replacing rear door, make sure "hammer" rests on top of spring gong".




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