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March 2010

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Big Cuckoo Clock


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Huge 54" Hunter Theme With Trumpeter 8 day Cuckoo Clock

This is truly a “museum quality” hunter theme cuckoo clock. It is hand carved with beautiful, deep wood carving throughout.

It measures 44 inches to the bottom of the case and 54 inches from the top of the horns to the pendulum, it is 30 inches in width.

It has a completely hand crafted large brass spring driven movement with three winding arbors, (no weights to pull up or chains to bother with). 

It has the traditional hunters theme with a deeply carved rabbit and pheasant on the sides of the case. 

The cuckoo sounds every quarter hour and after calling the hour, the trumpeter comes out of his door and trumpets his horn.

The large heavy brass movement is identical to the ones used in 1880.

It features hand carved kiln dried bone hands.

These beautiful large clocks are individually hand crafted and are subject to “limited edition” manufacture.  


Contact Dan for more information, pricing and shipping details.



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