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March 2010

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Baby Ben

Baby Ben Look Alike

Baby Ben Look Alike



If you have ever owned a "Baby Ben" alarm clock, you will want one of these!


This clock is a real mechanical wind-up alarm clock with a true "tick-tock" sound.


It is constructed using a clear acrylic case so you can actually see the colorful gears turning as time passes.


It’s hands glow in the dark and it has 2 two inch top mounted chrome bells that are sure to wake you up when it sounds its alarm.


It measures 7" tall by 5" wide.


This clock is not a toy, it keeps perfect time and has a built in adjustment to speed the clock up or slow it down, just like the original "Baby Ben" had.


The price and availability are for a limited time only.


An excellent gift for your sleepy-head!

Contact Dan for more information regarding this clock.



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